5 Little Joys of the Holiday Season!


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I think one of the many reasons we all love the holidays so much is all the simple joys that permeate the entire season. I came across a book a few years ago when I was doing my morning show, and it excited me so much, I had to interview the author (and get a few free copies to giveaway) for my show. His name is Neil Pasricha and book is called “The Book of (Holiday) Awesome”.

It’s chock full of so many simple holiday joys like “when the Christmas Tree gives the only light in the room”, or “Getting a Christmas Card from someone you thought you lost touch with” or even “Pulling out that old box of Christmas ornaments from when you were a kid”. Each chapter re-captures the joy of these little holiday delights, many of which take us back to our childhood. I love this book so much because (besides being a very short book that’s easy to read), you can pick and choose the little holiday joys that you relate to the most.

If you really sit down and think about it, you could go on and on with all the little holiday joys you love. Fact is, you could do this for every other time of the year too. Maybe that’s why Neil has written a sequel called “The Book of Even More Awesome.” Life presents us with so many daily joys that are there for us to appreciate them, if we just take the time to do it. In fact that’s a good little exercise for you today. Grab a pad, or type into your favorite device all the little joys YOU love about the holidays.

Here are my Top 5:

1/When I finally find Peppermint Ice Cream in my local grocery store.

2/When I get my first Christmas card in the mail.

3/When we start singing Christmas carols as part of Sunday morning worship.

4/When I see a new Christmas light display in my neighborhood.

5/Watching “It’s A Wonderful Life” on Christmas Eve surrounded by family..

See, it’s pretty easy.

Why don’t you write one of your favorites below, and use that to kickstart your own little personal list of “holiday awesome”. I guarantee you when you finish, you’ll find your own slice of the joy that this wonderful season brings!


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