1 Story of How A Little Kindness Can Go a Long Way

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So I saw a neat story on TV yesterday morning about the benefits of kindness. They interviewed a David R. Hamilton Jr. who wrote a book entitled “The Five Side Effects of Kindness”. We all know (or should anyway) that kindness benefits the person being kind as much or more than it does the one receiving the kindness, right? Now, thanks to Mr. Hamilton’s book, we have proof. He outlines all five “side effects” here, but suffice it to say there are physical and physiological benefits to kindness. Not to mention that kindness is free. Yep, it doesn’t cost a thing. We can be plenty kind without spending a dime.

Sometimes, however, when we do take the time and effort to express our kindness with monetary means, it can have those same benefits, and a few unexpected ones too.

I read on Facebook today about a woman I know who had the opportunity to help a local family in need. Seems the mom couldn’t provide Christmas gifts for her kids and even though she knew it was Christmas Eve and it was a long shot at best, the need was made known on social media. My friend was on her way home from visiting family when she saw the need, and she said “something made me stop and help. I’m so glad I did”.

So, they stopped at the only local store that was open and purchased a few gifts for the child. Then they made a beeline to the address of the home. When they got there, she and her husband were able to hand the gifts to the mom in need. The mom expressed her deep gratitude and both moms were at the point of tears.

Turns out my friend had alot in common with the mom in need and that “something” that told her to help this family knew that too. See, whenever we go through difficult times, God uses those times to prepare us to help others in our path going through similar difficulties.

Thanks to social media, opportunities abound to share a little kindness. Maybe you could make that a real resolution for 2018. Do something kind for someone every single day while expecting nothing in return. If you do, you are guaranteed to receive plenty.

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