7 Ways to Improve Your Marriage in 2018


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If there’s ONE resolution we married couples should strive to make and complete in 2018, it’s to make our marriages stronger. As you may know, my wife and I lead a marriage class at our church. We firmly believe that a strong marriage creates a strong family and that in turn has ripple effects on extended family, friends, and our communities. The very foundation of society at large is the marriage relationship because it all flows from there. Not to mention, it was God’s design, and God’s ways are always the best.

Most of the content for today’s blog comes from Dave Willis at http://www.patheos.com. Dave and his wife Ashley have a very successful marriage ministry that reaches thousands upon thousands of marriages. I use their resources in my class at church. I highly recommend signing up for their e-mails and following them social media.

Dave put together a great list of 7 Ways to Make 2018 The Best Year of Marriage Yet. Much of these tips are common sense and some are things you may not of heard of, but let me share a few of my favorites:

Create some shared goals.

The New Year is usually marked by individual goals, but it’s rewarding to work towards shared goals in partnership with your spouse. The shared encouragement and accountability can also make success more likely than when we do it on our own. Sit down together and create some BIG goals for 2018!

Plan some celebrations.

Once you’ve made your shared goals, plan ahead what you’ll do to celebrate once the goal is reached. This will give you something new to look forward to. For instance, “We’re going to eliminate $1000 in debt, and when we do, we’re getting a babysitter and going out to dinner at our favorite place (and paying cash instead of charging it).”
This requires some logistical planning, but it’s SO worth it…

Plan at least one getaway together without kids (out of town).
The year is wide open so get the calendar out and mark a getaway for you and your spouse with no kids. You can figure out the logistics later. Make it happen. It will give you something to look forward to and it will create some great new memories together. The out of town trip could be a “celebration” to make the achievement of one of your shared goals.

Turn the electronics OFF and spend more real “Face Time” together. 
Create more time together without digital distractions, smart phones and TV’s competing for your attention. Talking with your spouse is always more beneficial than staring at a screen. Block off certain time(s) that will be “unplugged” this year. It will make a huge difference. It might be the simplest goal on this list, but it could also prove to be the most helpful!

Like Dave says, if both you and your spouse COMMIT to these steps and make them a real part of your life, you will be surprised at the results! God bless you and your spouse and here’s to the BEST year yet for your marriage!


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