5 Ways to Beat the Post Holiday Blues


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Seems like no matter where you live, you are probably complaining about the cold. Whether you’ve been hit hard by snow and ice, or you are just experiencing unseasonably cold conditions, you might have a tendency to get a little depressed. Add to that, the post holiday season let down, and I get it. It’s completely understandable, but also completely avoidable.

I came across a cool article from REALSIMPLE listing some scientifically proven ways to beat the winter blues. We’ve heard many of these common sense tips before. Things like exercising, eating healthy, turning on upbeat music, and yes, even getting outside. There are a few, though, that you may have not thought of, and a couple more I wanted to give you as part of my 5 Ways to Beat the Holiday Blues.

1/Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan. Everyday after your morning of “coffee and contemplation”, write down or type in your phone your daily “to do list”. Make it a must to include things like 30 minutes of exercise, some fun music, and even getting outside for a few minutes. Plan that work, and work that plan.

2/Plan Your Next Vacation.  Remember,  the keys to happiness: Someone to love, something to do, and something to LOOK FORWARD TO. What better to do on a cold, dreary day than to plan a trip to a place that sounds SO much better than your current locale. Chances are you can find some pretty good deals this time of year like THESE from Money Magazine, or THESE DEALS ON CRUISES, and yes, JANUARY is the BEST MONTH to book cheap flights!

3/Help Others. Chances are lots of folks are just like you and need a little of that human touch, that spark that only being with others can bring. Check on people that you know that live alone. Volunteer to help at your local rescue mission, or better yet, start a campaign like THIS MAN, and collect blankets or coats for the homeless. Maybe take a nice pot of hot chocolate with you when you make the rounds. If you just want to make a difference in your local community, contact your local United Way and they can put you in touch with local organizations that could use your help.

4/Take a road trip. One of the real keys to beating the winter blues is interrupting that routine. So, venture outside of your city, but don’t plan where you’re going—just hit the road Friday after work and explore some little towns on the outskirts of where you live. Bonus points for doing no research and finding the quirkiest restaurants and watering holes. Adventuring with spouse and your family—especially when it’s spontaneous—can lead to some excellent anecdotes and memories!

5/Plan a weekly game night. Take a vote from your family on what are their favorite board games, or even their favorite video games.  Get a group of your friends together and plan a weekly (or bi-weekly) game night to help break up the week. Tuesdays getting you down? Not when you can look forward to some good friendly competition and camaraderie with your family and/or your friends. Pit one family against another, or kids vs. adults. Switch it up from time to time and make some of your game nights just a one-on-one date night or even double date night. Try focusing on a new game every time, especially if they’re games you’re not familiar with so that you have the extra bonus of learning something new!

I guarantee if you start regularly applying even 3 of these tips, those winter blues will be a thing of the past. Get going and have some fun!


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