4 Ways to Avoid Catching the Flu on an Airplane


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Well it’s certainly no secret that this year’s flu breakout is one for the record books. It seems like everyone either has had it, has it now, or will have it soon. I know that when my daughter needed to go to the ER a couple of weeks ago, there were no rooms for her due to all the people suffering from the flu.

So, what do you do if you are planning a plane trip? The mere mention of flying by air during flu season gets everyone’s guard up. Well, I came across a very helpful article, which should arm you for your next flight.

The article offers 4 very helpful hints for avoiding germs while flying:

1/Choose a window seat over an aisle seat. Fewer people passing by you means fewer opportunities to catch germs. You should ALSO avoid waiting in tight lines to board the plane.

2/Pack a bottle of nasal spray. Experts say as soon as your mucous membranes, especially in your nose and mouth, begin to dry out, you lose one of the most valuable defenses for preventing respiratory viruses. That little bottle of nasal spray (often available in airport convenience stores) will help you stay well-lubricated.

3/Wipe that tray table. It’s one of the dirtiest places on the plane. There’s no guarantee at all that your tray table was wiped down before your flight, so have a small container of antibacterial gel or wipes to wipe away any germs on that germy tray table.

4/Turn on your overhead vent. When someone sneezes, those germs can quickly spread to people in their immediate area. Turning on an air vent increases air circulation and can move germs away if you’re sitting next to someone who might be sick.

If all else fails, wash your hands like crazy and don’t forget your little surgical mask. Safe and healthy flying!


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