Kid Becomes Governor With His Anti-Bullying Platform



I read a cool story about how an 11 year old boy was just elected Oregon’s first “kid governor” after running on an Anti-Bullying platform. The Anti-Bullying movement has really picked up steam in the last few years, and it’s really one of the only issues that most of us agree on these days. As parents in a social media charged world, bullying is something we all have to be conscious of, and we have to be vigilant about it both with our kids and others kids that we know.

Fifth grader Dom Peters gave his inaugural address, through which he highlighted his platform to combat bullying, sharing that he, himself, has been a victim. Peters also highlighted his “three-point plan”, which includes writing a book and encouraging his peers to write books as well. How about that? An 11 year old with a 3 point plan!

Peters says that  he’s experienced bullying in the form of verbal abuse as well as physical, even coming home with a black eye once. He also says that he witnessed a friend “getting beat up” once and immediately ran between the two kids, told his friend to run away, and held the bully back.
“I told him to stop and said I’d tell his parents and our coaches if he didn’t stop.”  What courage that is.

One of the ways Peters plans to combat this problem in his school is to share a book that he’s currently writing. His book is about a puppy who is hurting inside, but once everyone learns of his pain, they are kind to him and he learns to be kind back. He also shares that he has started a club at his school called the “Super Kind Helpers Club” and reports that many of his schoolmates have joined. The club meets at recess to practice kindness and ensure that everyone has someone to play with.
Don’t you think that more than a few grown ups could learn from this kid?

Congratulations Dom Peters! You are an inspiration to us all.

If you’d like to start your OWN anti-bullying campaign, CLICK HERE.

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