Nine Children Adopted by Father and Son to Keep Group of Siblings Together


Early one morning, Jacob Smith, a college student, sees a Facebook post about a group of 8 children ages toddler to fourteen who need a home.

Jacob says he thought to himself,  ‘Man, if I had the financial means to do this, we would definitely do it,” He says”Literally the next day, my mom calls me and she’s like, ‘So, are you serious about the kids?'”

Turns out, his dad Thad Smith also saw the Facebook post, and discussed adopting the children with his wife, Loryn.

I love this quote from Thad: “I think we’re called to a deeper purpose than coming home, and closing our doors.”

After careful deliberation, Jacob and his wife Peggy, who have no children of their own, decided they would adopt the three younger siblings, and Thad and Loryn would adopt the five older ones.

They say that the decision made sense to them because they lived only a few houses down from each other and wanted to keep the big sibling group together while sharing the burden.

Jacob says, “We just knew we had a calling to them.”

Just when they thought they would have a big enough adjustment to their new lives, Jacob and Peggy got a call that the siblings’ mom just had a baby, meaning that the team of siblings was now nine strong.

The family is now raising money through the Promise Love Foundation to buy two new cars to drive their new children around.

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