Three Easy Habits to Improve Your Nutrition WITHOUT Obsessing Over Food


Let’s face it, diets are confusing. One diet say you should avoid this type of food at all costs while another diet claims that you need to cut way back on another type of food.

I came across a cool article that takes so much of the guesswork and anxiety out of eating right. I’ve got the whole article RIGHT HERE.

Devrie Pettit is a registered dietitian who says we can’t let food consume our thoughts. We need to find a balance between eating for energy and eating to satisfy our palate.

She basically breaks it down in 3 easy habits we can all live by:

1. Eat food that you like.
There is no reason to eat something that doesn’t taste good just because it’s “healthy.” If you are choking down celery because you heard it is fibrous and extremely low in calories, stop. Plus, she says, varying your vegetables will provide your diet with ample vitamins, minerals, and chemicals.

2. Find food that satisfies you.
A satisfying meal or snack tastes good and is well-balanced, meaning it combines protein, carbohydrate and fat. When you finish eating and you feel satisfied you won’t continue searching for food to meet your needs. Furthermore, you will eat less in the long run.

3. Eat enough.
This is my favorite one. Pettit says we need to stop aiming to eat a certain number of calories or grams. Instead, she says, pay attention to your hunger and fullness. When you ditch numbers and listen to your body you will find that your body truly knows how much it needs to feel its best.

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