Four Animals. Which One Are You?

Have you ever wondered what your personality TYPE is? I mean, many of us are Type “A”, right? Driven, motivated, ambitious. How about the rest of us? Well years of research  have whittled it down to FOUR animal types. Each have well-defined strengths and some areas where they can improve. Stay tuned and I’ll tell you mine in just a bit.

You can actually take a pretty short assessment to find out which of these four animals you most closely resemble RIGHT HERE

My wife and I recently attended a marriage retreat where we not only learned our dominant personality types, but those of our kids as well. See, MOST people fall predominately into one of these four categories, though most of us are a combination of more than one.

The four animals are:

LION: Lions are born leaders who love to take charge. They love challenging opportunities and they want immediate results. They get things done. Lions can be intimidating, and people tend to keep them at arms length. The challenge for Lions is to take the other person into consideration, and they would do well to be a little softer with people.

GOLDEN RETRIEVERS: They are solid, dependable, and supportive. Golden retrievers are warm, loving, and caring. They place a high value on loyalty and are natural experts at relationships. Their strong tendency toward “soft-sided” love can lead to issues of co-dependence and enabling. They need to learn to be more assertive and would do well to say “NO” more often.

OTTERS: Otters are the life of the party. they are expressive, mischievous, spontaneous, fun, and they are great at motivating others. Otters tend to be soft on others and even soft on problems, to the point of ignoring them. They, like the golden retrievers, need to say no more often and they need to deal with reality so that they can be more in tune with problems and people.

BEAVERS: Beavers make the best employees and team members. They are systematic, sensible, and love perfection. There’s only way for the beavers, and that’s the right way. They expect people to perform and conform. Sometimes they tend to put the issue ahead of the person, and they tend to keep a lid on their emotions. Beavers would do well to be more expressive with their feelings.

Which one of these four are you? I’m actually a tie between the Lion and the Otter, but most everyone around me thinks I’m an otter.

Hope this helps you relate better to people around you! Personality_Types_and_Communication_Styles

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