Why We Should All Strive to “Go The Extra Mile”


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A former radio boss used to tell me, “Logan, don’t just do your best. Do what is required.” That’s just another way of saying, “go the extra mile when you need to.” Do you ever finish a job, whatever it is, and then think to yourself that you need to do more? That’s going the extra mile. Do you ever do something for someone in need, and then realize that they need more than they originally asked? That’s going the extra mile.

Sounds like I’m “going the extra mile” in telling you about the extra mile.

It’s probably because there is so much value and joy in going the extra mile. I came across a little article that show five examples of people “going the extra mile.” According to the article, “when people do more than they have to, and do so with an attitude of generosity, they give of themselves in ways that lift all of humanity. The heart grows tender when we extend ourselves beyond what’s expected. Going the extra mile is a vital ingredient that lifts our mood, allowing hopefulness to rule.”

There are so many ordinary, everyday , unassuming folks who love to bless others without expecting anything in return. Some people call it “making a deposit in your emotional bank account”.

Take a moment to think of all the people in your life each day that you can “go the extra mile” for. If you really tune into the needs of others, you’ll find endless examples. Again, the formula is simple:

Do something nice for someone. THEN, do something ON TOP of that niceness to make it extra special.

Here are some examples:

When you give someone a book, write a note on the inside cover.

When everyone’s funneling through a busy doorway, hold it open for the whole line of people.

When you’re arranging a meal for your friends at your place, invite someone you’ve never had over.

When you’re grocery shopping for your family and find a deal that requires you to buy extra, buy it but give the extra to your neighbor.

When someone asks you to pray for them during the week, pray with them right then too.

These are just a few of the ideas I found HERE

Someone very wise once told me that it’s not a blessing until it’s passed onto someone else. Don’t just keep it for yourself, pass it on. Pay it forward. GO THE EXTRA MILE.

You’ll be glad you did!



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My Suggestion For A Different Kind of “Year End Gift”

Act of Kindness Quote

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This time of year, we all seem to get more mail, more e-mail, and more solicitations from charities asking for our “year end gift”. It’s the time of year that charities know that many of us are looking to donate to our favorite cause, so that we can get a little tax benefit from Uncle Sam. There’s certainly nothing wrong with this kind of giving. I applaud it. I encourage it. But, let me suggest a different kind of “year end gift”.

Author and speaker Jon Acuff tweeted out before Christmas:

It inspired at least one guy to do the same:

And then there’s the story of how one church in Ohio got together to bless the staff working hard at a local Waffle House with a huge tip of well over $3,500. All five women behind the counter embraced each other and cried.

I think this “random acts of kindness thing” is really catching on. Now granted, there’s a certain “specialness” about giving to folks working around the Christmas holidays, but this same principle can be applied before the end of this year.

You just have to take the time to look for the opportunity. Discuss it with your spouse. Talk about it with your family.  Talk about it with your closest friends. There’s just something about giving an unexpected blessing to total strangers who had no idea it was coming.

Go ahead and plan it. Do it before the end of the year, and make it a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR for someone who might need it more than you know.

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