Two Twin Brothers Propose To…


Here’s a story you hear every day! Two twin brothers proposed to twin sisters. Josh and Jeremy Salyers popped the the question AT THE EXACT SAME TIME to twin sisters Brittany and Briana Deane.

You’ll never guess where these “double couples” met. At a festival for twins in none other than Twinsburg, Ohio

After months of dating, the brothers were ready to pop the question, so they planned a dual proposal at the perfect place: Twin Lakes, Va.

The women thought they were going to the property to take part in a commercial about twin couples to advertise the location. The sisters arrived in matching cobalt blue gowns, while the men arrived in matching suits and blue ties.

Working with a film crew, they posed at several scenic spots on the property for the “commercial,” but little did the women know, that “film crew” was actually the TV Show Inside Edition.

For the final scene, the couples headed to a pavilion with a fireplace. It was decorated with rose petals and candles.

When the director yelled, “Action!” both men dropped to their knees — with matching rings.

“We’re the luckiest twins in the world,” the sisters said.

The twins plan to tie the knot at the same Twins Festival this year. Of course, right?

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5 Easy and Inexpensive Ways to Be Romantic



Remember when you first started dating your one and only? You couldn’t stop thinking about them. You were seemingly always looking for ways to make thoughtful, romantic gestures toward them. Those were some pretty special moments, right?

Well, who says you can’t have those moments right now?! I know Valentine’s Day is less than a month away, but you can be romantic any and really, EVERY, day of the year. It just takes a little thought.

One of my favorite guests to have on my radio show used to be Gregory Godek, who is famous for the book “1001 Ways to Be Romantic”. He is a romantic’s romantic. This book is PACKED with all kinds of wonderful ways to bring out the romance in your relationship. I have used a few of his suggestions, and still do by the way. One of my favorites is to write “I love you” or “Happy Anniversary” with a bar of soap on our bathroom mirror. That one is free, and it still works. My wife, Leanne still feels special every time I do it. That’s the point. Just do something that will make your significant other feel special. Like they are the only one in the world for you. And they are, right?

Here are some quick and fairly easy ways to bring out the romance in your relationship:

1/Offer to give them a back, neck, or foot massage, or all three.

2/Send them a romantic text, or even better, a card or a letter explaining some of the reasons why they are so special to you.

3/Go to the store and get a small arrangement of flowers or better yet, if you have some flowers in your yard, pick those, and give them a fresh arrangement in a nice vase.

4/Do something around the house he or she has been asking you to do: Clean out that over-stuffed closet, straighten up that junk drawer, wash the windows or the car. You get the idea. Do it, with a big smile on your face, when it’s done and you show them,  yell “Surprise!”

5/Cook a romantic dinner and eat by candlelight: Cook whatever you can find in the kitchen, but dress it up! Make it look fancy. Put the food on your special occasions-only china, for instance. Maybe you’re not the best cook, but many stores have fully prepared meals that are tasty. Do it up right, and be sure to do the dishes too.

These are just a few ideas, and hopefully they sparked a few more of your own. As Greg Godek says: “Life is too short not to be romantic”, so get to it!